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Shoemaker Family Tree


(detail follows photo)
Mary Delila (Della) AKERS, taken c.1949
(the young girl pictured with Mary AKERS, is Alene BOOTH, d/o Ophelia Shoemaker m. Leonard BOOTH)

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[The following Jacob1 & Jacob2 are being researched for confirmation of the connection]
JACOB1 SHOEMAKER (b.abt.1680, Maniz, Germany. d.1722, PA), Margaret POTTS (b.abt.1664, Montgomeryshire County, Wales)
  • GEORGE1 SHOEMAKER (b.1794 d.) m.1711, Rebecca DILWORTH (b. d.)
  • THOMAS1 SHOEMAKER (b.d.) m.1715, Mary POWELL
  • JACOB2 SHOEMAKER, JR. (b.d.) m. 1724, Elizabeth ROBERTS
    [Further research being conducted to find the connection between this William1 R. and the above]

    WILLIAM1 R(ILEY) SHOEMAKER (b.abt.1775 m. Phoebe1 Ann (Unknown) (b.abt.1787 d.5/1870 d.1870) (See NOTE*a* under Goolman Spencer's family)
  • James1* B. Shoemaker (b.1810, VA; d.5/28/1892) m.1830 Lee Co. VA, Pherbia "Ferbia" Ann SPENCER (b.1809 Lee Co, VA d.abt.1880)
  • William2 R(iley)Shoemaker, Jr. (b.1812) m. 1840, Nancy EASTIS (Lee Co, VA)
  • Jacob3 C. Shoemaker (b.1816 d.1902) m. Katharine KAISER
  • John1 T. Shoemaker (b.1820 d.11/30/1859, Lee Co, VA) m. Elizabeth (UNKNOWN)
  • Phoebe2 Ann Shoemaker (b.1825) m. 1840, Breathill Co, KY to Goolman SPENCER (b.1824 d.9/8/1894)
  • Phoebe SPENCER (b.1853) *b* (See NOTE on Johnty* in "Goolman Spencer" link)
  • Andrew "Andy" Shoemaker (b.1826) m. Joicy Bush ELLIOTT
  • Elisha Shoemaker (b.1833) m. Susannah MARSHALL (*a and *b)
  • Elijah Shoemaker (b.1833) m. Margaret "Maggie" LEGG
  • Elizabeth Shoemaker (b.1835) m.1X: Hiram ADKINS, 2X: Freeman (Freeland?) H. CALDWELL (b.1/17/1857)
  • Daniel James "DJ" Shoemaker (b.1842) m. America VANDERPOOL
  • Andrew B. Shoemaker (b.1845) m.1851, Evoline Margaret BAKER
  • William3 S. Shoemaker (b.1849) m. Margaret M. BAKER
    JACOB3 C. SHOEMAKER (b.2/4/1816 d.5/7/1902) m.1840, Catherine KAISER (b.1818)
  • Daniel James* "DJ" (b.1842) m. America VANDERPOOL
  • Jane Pierman Shoemaker (b.10/31/1844 d.11/25/1900) m.1868, Henry Huse THOMAS
  • Andrew B. Shoemaker (b.8/1845) m. Evoline Margaret BAKER (b.1851)
  • Woodford1 Martin Shoemaker (b.1846 d.3/2/1931, Powell Co,KY) m. Margaret WELLS
  • William3 S. Shoemaker (b.2/1849) m. Margaret M. BAKER
    WOODFORD1 MARTIN SHOEMAKER* (b.1846 d.3/2/1931, Powell Co, KY Vol.31-018186) [Civil War, 1864 Union Infantry, Ky] m. Margaret WELLS
  • William4 Grant Shoemaker(b.1871 d.4/23/1951, Powell Co, KY) m. Mary Della AKERS (see photo above)
  • Emily J. Shoemaker (b.10/1869) m. Robert D. OLINGER
  • Mary K. Shoemaker (b.1872-73) m. Zion ROBBINS
  • Elijah Shoemaker (b.1874-75)
  • Jacob4 Shoemaker (b.6/1877 d.1958)
  • Sarah L. Shoemaker (b.1881) m. W. F. WILSON
  • Phebe J. Shoemaker (b.11/18/1886)
  • Robert Shoemaker (b.12/9/1889)
  • Edward Shoemaker (b.1/19/1893)
    WILLIAM2 R. SHOEMAKER, JR. (b.1812 d.1862-65) m. 11/10/1840, Nancy EASTIS (b.1811)
  • Louisa F. (Liza) Shoemaker (b.1841) m. Isaac H. HORTON
  • Mary (Phebe J) Shoemaker (b.1844) m. Joel S. COX
  • Phillip Shoemaker (b.1846)
  • Nancy M. Shoemaker (b.1848) m. George PATRICK
  • Henry Thomas Shoemaker (b.2/1850) m. Sabre (Henretta?) LEWIS
  • Peter Shoemaker (b.8/25/1854)
  • Sarah Shoemaker
  • Margaret Shoemaker
    JAMES1 B. SHOEMAKER (b.1810, VA) [1860 Census-Owsley Co, Ky-Farmer] m. 1830; Perry Co. Ky., Pherbia (Ferbia) Ann SPENCER (b.1809, VA d/o Moses Spencer
  • Pheby Shoemaker (b.1831) m. John D. SPARKS
  • Betty Elizabeth Shoemaker (b.8/8/1833 Breathitt, Ky)
  • Delilah Shoemaker (b.1835) m. Tobias (SPARKS) SMYTH
  • Temperance "Tempey" Purlina Shoemaker (b.1/12/1837) Isaac S. HOBBS (*c)
  • William5 Riley Shoemaker(b.2/14/1838 d.9/30/1877, Wolfe Co, Ky [Hobbs-Alexander Cementary, Clay Alexander Rd, Sandy Ridge] m.1856, Eliza Ann BLANTON (b.9/1840, VA)
  • Lavina "Viney" Shoemaker (b.1841) m.1861, Martin BOOTH
  • Louisia "Louiza" Shoemaker (b.1844) m. John COLLIER
  • Lydia Ann Shoemaker (b.11/17/1847) m. 1X-Daniel CARROLL 2X-Stephen F. ALLEN
  • Sarah Jane Shoemaker (b.10/13/1849 d.8/18/1904) m. William Zion HOBBS
  • Catherine Shoemaker (b.1856) m. Capt. Jackson ALEXANDER
    JOHN1 T. SHOEMAKER (b.1818 d.11/30/1859 @39, Lee Co,VA) m. Elizabeth (UNKNOWN)
  • Sarah Shoemaker (b.1838) m.1857, William McCRACKEN
  • Jacob5 Shoemaker (b.1841)
  • Thomas2 Shoemaker (b.1845)
    WILLIAM4 GRANT SHOEMAKER* (b.1872 d.4/23/1951) [1910 Census-Lee Co, KY] m. Mary Delila AKERS (b.4/1872 d.4/29/1958)(see photo above)
  • Martha Shoemaker (b.9/27/1893) m.8/19/1909 Sam MILLER
  • Thomas3 Floyd Shoemaker (b.8/11/1895)
  • Charlie C. Shoemaker(b.5/30/1897 d.1/13/1971) m. Della G. BARNES (b.1902 d.10/13/1976)
  • Taylor Shoemaker (b.6/15/1901 d.2/22/1987 Powell Co, KY)
  • Etta Marie Shoemaker (b.9/22/1909 d.9/13/2001) m. 1X-Earnest James HARPER; 2X-m.12/1980, M.V. WIREMAN (Powell Co, KY)
    ETTA MARIE SHOEMAKER* (b.9/22/1909 d.9/13/2001) m.1X-Earnest James HARPER (b.9/29/1903 d.5/29/1980, Estil Co, KY) m. 2X-M.V. WIREMAN
  • Irene Harper
  • Doris Harper
  • Mary Donia* Harper "Morry"(b.3/24/1934) m. 1X-Wilbur Clifford BEASLEY (b.11/2/1931 d.4/11/1996) m. 2X-Howard HALL (b.1941)
  • Betty Harper m. Lloyd WHITEHEAD
  • Ruth Harper m. Paul BADGER
  • Claude Samuel Harper m.
  • Roy Edward Harper
  • Bonnie Louise Harper
  • Judy Harper m. Billy PUCKETT

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