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c.1812, "The Crawford Weekly Messenger" Meadeville (PA), Volume VII.][No.360.
1817, Oct.28 (headline torn away) “? Intelligencer”, Vol.XVIII. No.2668
1837, Feb.07 (Meadville) “Meadville Courier.”, Vol.VI.-----No.38.
1839, Sep.19 (Buffalo) “Daily Buffalonian.”, Volume 11. Number 81.
1839, Sep.18 (Bufflo) “Daily Buffalonian”, Volume 11. Number (torn off)
1841, Jun.26 (Pittsburgh) “Harris’ Intelligencer, Commerical Reporter, and General Advertiser”, Vol.V. No.49.
1841, Jun.04 Friday (New-York) “New-York Tribune”, Vol.1. No.48.
c.1841, "The Weekly Hearld" Vol.V.--No.46. New York, Saturday, August 7
1844, Nov. 26 Tuesday (Buffalo) “Buffalo Daily Courier and Economist.”, Volume III. ---No.858.
1845, Jul.05 Saturday Morning (possibly New York) “The Extra Sun” (cannot locate a volume number)
1845, Ju.19 Saturday Morning (Buffalo) “Daily National Pilot.”, Vol.1.][No.134.
1851, Jul. 30 Wednesday (Buffalo) “Buffalo Express.”, Vol.VI. No.1715.
1853, Aug.18 Thursday (Meadville) “Pennsylvania Sentinel.”, Vol.IV. No.39.
1856, Feb.01 Friday (Meadville) “The Spirit of the Age.”, Volume 3, Number 7.
c.1859, photo only, May 28 Saturday (Buffalo) “Buffalo Express.”, Vol.XIV., No.4,130.
1861, Apr.18 Thursday (Brownsville) “Brownsville Times.” “Times---Extra” (a two-sided, one page, phamplet with the same articles printed on both sides):
  • Articles featured:
      LATEST BY TELEGRAPH: Massachusetts Ready; Virginia Going Out; Military Enthusiasm at the Capitol; Treason Defined; The Old Citizens Volunteering.
    1865, Jun.03 “Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper.”
    1907, Jun.04 Tuesday (Cambridge Springs, PA) “Cambridge Springs Enterprise”, Vol.15. No.9?.
  • Headlines read:
      NOT MUCH DOING FOR THE JUDGESHIP; Bills Were Biggest Items; Laudation of W.S. Smith
    1926, Sept.12 Sunday (Pittsburgh) “The Pittsburgh Sunday Post”, 84th Year---No.236.
  • Headlines read:
      DEADLY WHISKY FOUND NEAR UNIONTOWN; Committeeman Denounces Armstrong and Leslie Rule; Italian-French Relations Strained Over Attack on Mussolini; Pennington’s Agents Confiscate “High-Power” Beer in Harrisburg; Stanley (Buck) Harris will wed Senator’s Daughter.
    1926, Nov.14 Sunday (Pittsburgh) “The Pittsburgh Sunday Post”, 84th Year---No.299.
  • Headlines read:
      50,000 SEE PITT AND W.-J. IN SCORELESS TIE; 62-Yard Run Gives Notre Dame 7-0 Victory Over Army; Hall’s Love Letters to Mrs. Mills Are Read
    1945, Apr.14 Saturday (Erie) “Erie Dispatch-Herald”, Number 104
  • Headlines read:
      MOURNING CLAD CAPITAL PAYS FAREWELL TO FDR; Roosevelt’s Last Speech Made Public; Tokyo Again Blasted by Superforts; Ruhr Pocket Wiped Out by Americans; Final Rites Will be Held in East Room; 112 Are Killed in Western Tornadoes (Oklahoma City); Viennese Waltz As City is Taken (London); Heinz (Clifford Stanton, II) Wins Custody of Son; 18,500 Japanese Killed on Guam.
    1946, Feb.25 Monday (Erie, PA) "The Erie Daily Times" Vol.LVIII, No.274.
  • Headlines read:
      PITTSBURGH BLACKOUT LOOMS; 5 Are Injured in Week-End Auto Crashes; Predict Early Signing of 3 or More Firms; O'Dwyer in Plea to Murray To Avert N.Y. Transit Strike; Utility Union Sets Walkout For Midnight; Bread Milk Cut in Detroit Area; Brownell Out As GOP Leader; Bill To End Draft Offered by Vinson; MRs. L. Jarecki Succumbs At 77; Talks Resume in GM Walkout; Nazi Faces Execution
    1946, Nov.16 Saturday (Erie, PA) “Erie Dispatch-Herald”, City Edition
  • Headlines read:
      CRASH KILLS 2 FRANKLIN WOMEN; U.S. Maps ‘No-Strike’ Plea to Miners; Krug May Deman Lewis Be Overruled If Digging Is Stopped; District Shoppers Fatally Injured in Waterford Wreck; Farmhand Slain By Georgia Posse
    1947, Jan.30 Thursday (Erie) “Erie Dispatch-Herald Sun”
  • Headlines read:
      U.S. TO RECALL TROOPS FROM CHINA; 25 Die in Chinese Ariline Crash; Train Kills Worker
    c.1947, "Erie Dispatch-Herald", Wednesday, Feb.5 - COMICS Featured Comics: Joe Palooka; Moon Mullins; Steve Roper and Wahoo; Jane Arden. Orphan Annie; Terry; Elmo; Mary Worth; Hollywood Johnnie; Dotty Dripple; Gasoline Alley; Kerry Drake; Brick Bradford; Harold Teen; Dixie Dugan; Napoleon and Uncle Elby and The Adventures of Patsy
    c.1947, Feb.04 Tuesday (Erie) "Erie Dispatch-Herald"
  • Headlines read:
      LACK OF GAS TO IDLE HUNDREDS; Baruch Hints Soviet Spies Obtain U.S. Secrets on Atomic Bombs; UN Debates Reveal Aim, Senate Told; Cold Wave Heading Toward City Forces Conservation of Fuel; River Dragged For Missing Man. Obituaries listed.
    1947, Mar.22 Saturday (Erie) “The Erie Dispatch” (no volume number found)
  • Headlines read:
      CAR CRASHES KILL 1, HURT 6; Senate Bans Portal Suits; 5-Inch Baby; Blast Murder Charge Filed; canadian firm hikes newsprint $6 a Ton; Sugar, Rent Controls Okayed; House Expected To Okay Tax Cut; Warren Facing Ouster (Edgar L. Warren, Labor Department); Stock Exchange Strike Seen; Presidential (Truman) Veto of Bill Held Likely.
    1947, Mar.23 Sunday (Pittsburgh) “Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph”, Vol.40---No.50.
  • Headlines read:
      TRUMAN ORDERS RED PURGE, PROBES ALL U.S. EMPLOYES; GOP County Bloc To Caucus Tuesday On Package Bills; Secret U.S. Reports Bare Greece’s Need for 217 Millions; Reds Ask Strong Germany; Loyalty Boards, FBI to Check on Communists; Man Dies in Leap at Niagara Falls; Man, 65, Weds for 16th Time.
    • Comic Strips: Snookums; Bringing Up Father; The Phantom; The Katzenjammer Kids and Prince Valiant.
    1947, Mar.28 Friday (Erie) “The Erie Dispatch” (no volume number found)
  • Headlines read:
      RED CHIEF CALLED DRAFT DODGER (Eugene Dennis, general secretary of the U.S. Communist Party); Soviet, U.S. Locked; President Truman Phone Bill is Drawn; All Hope Abandoned For Victims in Mine (IL)- Known Dead at 51; 76 Bodies Believed Underground; Rescue Work Continues.
    1968, Apr.17 Wednesday (Corry, PA) “Corry Evening Journal”, Volume 67, No.92
  • Headlines read:
      $500,000 Housing Plan Being Pushed Here; 5 Killed 80 Hurt In Prison Riot; Auto Insurance Rate Hike Denied By Commissioner; Manhunt Turns To Taxi Patron.

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