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Mary Donia

Irene : b.6/25/29
Doris : b.1/1/32
Betty : b.4/23/36
Ruth : b.10/2/38
Claude : b.1/27/41
Roy : b.1/13/43
Bonnie : b.9/29/45
Judy : b.1/4/48
Earnest James Harper:
Etta Marie (Shoemaker) Harper:
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Beasley Family Record:

The Harper and Beasley Family Children

This page is dedicated to my mother and best friend, Mary, with everlasting love.

the 3rd daughter, 3rd child of 9 born to
EARNEST JAMES HARPER (b.9/29/1903 d.5/29/1980)
ETTA MARIE SHOEMAKER (b.9/22/1909 d.9/13/2001)

MARY ("Morry D.") DONIA HARPER (b.3/24/1934)

WILBUR CLIFFORD BEASLEY (b.11/2/1931 d.4/10/1996)
HOWARD HALL (b.7/7/1941)

  • BEVERLY LOUISE BEASLEY (b.1/31/1954 Philadelphia, PA)
    (d.1/13/1956 Bremerton, WA, burial-Clinton, County, Blanchester, OH)

  • DUWANE CLIFFORD BEASLEY (b.7/25/1955 Oakland, CA)
    (d.1/21/1986 burial-Duval County, Jacksonville, FL)
    • Children: None

  • CHERYL ANN BEASLEY (b.3/11/1957)
    • Married: Jon Andrew WHITE (b.11/17/1955)
        Gina Marie White (b.12/16/1978)
    • Remarried: Ronald Warren PRIEUR (b.1/11/1942)
    • Remarried 3/11/2000, Bruce Wayne WILSON (b.6/22/1952)

  • BRENDA LEE BEASLEY (b.12/21/1962)
    • Married: Allen BARLOW (b.)
      • Aaron Renee Barlow (b.11/10/1987)
      • Jennifer Ann Barlow (b.11/23/1986)
    • Remarried: James WICKER (b.)
        Shannon Deanne Wicker (b.)
    • Remarried: Johnny CHURCH (b.)
        Johnny Jr. (b.)

  • SANDRA RENEE BEASLEY (b.3/8/1964)
    • Married: Russell Claude HOWELL (b.)
      • Laura Michelle Howell (b.2/20/1987)
      • Ryan Russell Howell (b.3/17/1988)
    • Remarried: David SWANSON (b.)
      • Erik Wayne Swanson (b.12/26/1989)
    • Remarried: Rick DOMINICK (b.4/14/1958) *Divorced*

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