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My Shoemaker Family Lineage


ETTA MARIE SHOEMAKER (b.9/22/1909 d.9/13/2001)
EARNEST JAMES HARPER (b.9/29/1903 d.5/29/1980)

Associated Surnames

Mary Delila (Della) AKERS: Photograph c.1949
Blake, Boley, Goines, Morris:
Hostetler, Smith, Walker:
Barlow, Beasley, Church, Dominick, Hall, Howell, Prieur, White, Wicker, Swanson :
Cunningham, George, Hogge, Payne, Whitehead:
Anderson, Cooper, DeHart:
Creech, Justin:
Fouch, Hutchins :
Brooks, Harper, Hopper, Tate, Wagner:
Shoemaker Lineage Detailed:


(My grandmother, Etta Marie Shoemaker, c.1989)

[For more lineage detailed, see surnames at left and/or below links]
Etta's Father Side: William R(iley) SHOEMAKER (b.abt.1775) m. Phoebe Ann JACOB (b.1787 d.5/1870)
    Jacob C. SHOEMAKER (b.1816 d.5/7/1902) m. Catherine KAISER (b.1818)
      Woodford "Wood" Martin SHOEMAKER (b.1846 d.3/2/1931) m. Margaret WELLS (b.1/1848)
        William Grant SHOEMAKER (b.1871 d.4/23/1951 Powell Co, KY)

Etta's Mother's Side: William AKERS m. 9/21/1824 Clay Co, KY, Delia
  • Clifton P. "Acres" m. Eliza A. ASHCRAFT
      William J.
    • John C. (b. 12/26/1853)
    • Amanada E. (b.11/10/1859)
    • Eliza Ann m. 7/26/1853, William SHOEMAKER
    • William J.
    • John J. m. Amanda GOE
    • Martha Ann m. 1X-John Miles KINCAID; 2X-Absalom R. MAINOUS
    • Catherine m. 12/29/1864, John Warwick McGUIRE
    • Milton M.
    • Smith
    • Stephen
    • *1860 Owesley Co census adds Nancy F. @ 11 yrs. old.
    William AKERS m. Perdilia PITMAN m. Rhoda JIMPSON ("Gymson") (aka JAMISON, 1880 Census)-[Cherokee, Tribe Location Unknown]
      Mary Delila (Della) AKERS (b.abt.1874)
        Stephen D.("Steve") AKERS (b.1843)
          Mordecai JAMESON m. Sarah WINKLER
            3G Father:
            3G Mother:

      SPECIAL THANKS TO COUSIN JEFF AKERS, for sharing with me much of the information posted on the AKERS surname.

      Harper, Shoemaker and Children Links

      Irene: 1st daughter, 1st of 9 children
      Doris: 2nd daughter, 2nd of 9 children
      Mary: 3rd daughter, 3rd of 9 children (my mother)
      Betty: 4th daughter, 4th of 9 children
      Ruth: 5th daughter , 5th of 9 children
      Claude: 1st son, 6th of 9 children
      Roy: 2nd son, 7th of 9 children
      Bonnie: 6th daughter, 8th of 9 children
      Judy: 7th daughter, 9th of 9 children
      Earnest James Harper: Etta's Husband
      Shoemaker Lineage Detailed:
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