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The Shoemaker Family Record



ERNEST JAMES HARPER (b.9/29/1903 d.5/29/1980)

Associated Surnames

Mary Delila (Della) AKERS: Photograph c.1949
Blake, Boley, Goines, Morris
Hostetler, Smith, Walker
Barlow, Beasley, Church, Dominick, Hall, Howell, Prieur, White, Wicker, Swanson, 
Cunningham, George, Hogge, Payne, Whitehead
Anderson, Cooper, DeHart
Creech, Justin
Fouch, Hutchins
Brooks, Harper, Hopper, Tate, Wagner, Wilson
Shoemaker Lineage Detailed


(My grandmother, Etta Marie Shoemaker, c.1989)

[For more lineage detailed, see surnames at left and/or below links]
Father: William Grant SHOEMAKER (b.1871 d.4/23/1951, Powell Co, KY)
    • 1G Father: Woodford "Wood" M. SHOEMAKER (b.1846 d.3/2/1931)
    • 1G Mother: Margaret WELLS (b.1/1848)
      • 2G Father: Jacob C. SHOEMAKER (b.1816 d.5/7/1902)
      • 2G Mother: Catherine KAISER (b.1818)
        • 3G Father: William2 R(iley), Jr. SHOEMAKER (b.abt.1775)
        • 3G Mother: Phoebe Ann (UNKNOWN) (b.1787 d.5/1870)
          • 4G Father: WILLIAM1 R(ILEY) SHOEMAKER (b.abt.1775) m. 
          • 4G Mother: Phoebe/Phebe/Phoebia Ann ? 
          • (b.abt.1787 d.1870) 

  • Mother: Mary Delila (Della) AKERS (b.abt.1874)
    • 1G Father: Stephen D.("Steve") AKERS (b.1843)

      • 2G Father: William AKERS
      • 2G Mother: Perdilia PITMAN
        • 3G Father:
        • 3G Mother:
    • 1G Mother: Rhoda JAMESON ("Gymson") (JAMISON, 1880 Census)-[Cherokee, Tribe Location Unknown]

      • 2G Father: Mordecai JAMESON
      • 2G Mother: Sarah WINKLER

        • 3G Father: 
        • 3G Mother

SPECIAL THANKS TO COUSIN JEFF AKERS, for sharing with me much of the information posted on the AKERS surname.

Harper, Shoemaker and Children Links

Irene: 1st daughter, 1st of 9 children
Doris: 2nd daughter, 2nd of 9 children
Mary: 3rd daughter, 3rd of 9 children (my mother)
Betty: 4th daughter, 4th of 9 children 
Ruth: 5th daughter , 5th of 9 children
Claude: 1st son, 6th of 9 children 
Roy: 2nd son, 7th of 9 children
Bonnie: 6th daughter, 8th of 9 children
Judy: 7th daughter, 9th of 9 children
Ernest James Harper: Etta's Husband
Shoemaker Lineage Detailed
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