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The Harper Family Record


EARNEST JAMES HARPER (b.9/29/1903 d.5/29/1980)
ETTA MARIE SHOEMAKER (b.9/22/1909 d.9/13/2001)

Associated Surnames

Akers, Jimpson/Jamison, Shoemaker, Wells:
Blake, Boley, Goines, Morris:
Hostetler, Smith, Walker:
Barlow, Beasley, Church, Dominick, Hall, Howell, Prieur, White, Wicker, Swanson :
Cunningham, George, Hogge, Payne, Whitehead:
Anderson, Cooper, DeHart:
Creech, Justin:
Fouch, Hutchins :

my grandfather, Earnest James Harper, c.1980

(b.9/29/1903 d.5/29/1980) Estill,Powell Co; "Furnance"/Ravenna, KY 40472

EARNEST JAMES HARPER (b.9/29/1903 d.5/29/1980) Estill,Powell Co; "Furnance"/Ravenna, KY 40472

[NOTE: As told to me by my Uncle Claude, as told to him by his father, Earnest, when he was a young boy. Earnest told Claude that his last name really is "HOPPER". That Earnest's mother (Callie Brooks) changed her children's last name, alledgedly illegally, to "HARPER" after her marriage to Walter Hopper ended. So, I obtained a copy of Earnest's social security card application, and, discovered that Earnest provided the following information. Unless it was an oversight or falsification of his father's last name, the application did not confirm the alledged name-change from Hopper to Harper, as Earnest listed his father's name as Harper, not Hopper. However, many of the Harper children (which includes my mother, Mary) have heard this to be true and factual. Whether or not it can be proven remains to be seen:
From an original copy of the U.S. Social Secuirty Act Application for Account Number, Form SS-5; Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, Revised July 1937:
    SSN: 402-18-4059
    Employee's First Name: EARNEST
    Last Name: HARPER
    Post Office: Furnance, KY
    Business Name of Present Employer: Unemployed
    Age at Last Birthdate: 34
    DOB: 09/29/1903
    Place of Birth: Clay Lick, Montgomery Co, KY
    Father's Full Name: WALKER HARPER
    Mother's Full Name: CALLIE DONA BROOKS
    Sex: Male
    Color: White
    Date Signed: 6/11/1938

Earnest's Father Side:
  • Walker (HOPPER) HARPER m. 1X-Callie Dona BROOKS b.1883
      Earnest James HARPER m. Etta Marie Shoemaker (b.1909)
    • Bernice HARPER (b.2/4/1913 d.9/1985, Joplin, MO) m. George BELLAMY
    • [NOTE: researching other siblings]

    Earnest's Mother Side:
  • James Madison BROOKS (b.1859 d.2/22/1932, Estill Co,KY) m. Emma Jade TATE?
      Callie Dona "Donie" BROOKS (b. d.) m. 1X-(HOPPER or) HARPER 2X-WAGNER

    Harper Children and Wife Links

    Irene: 1st daughter, 1st of 9 children
    Doris: 2nd daughter, 2nd of 9 children
    Mary: 3rd daughter, 3rd of 9 children (my mother)
    Betty: 4th daughter, 4th of 9 children
    Ruth: 5th daughter , 5th of 9 children
    Claude: 1st son, 6th of 9 children
    Roy: 2nd son, 7th of 9 children
    Bonnie: 6th daughter, 8th of 9 children
    Judy: 7th daughter, 9th of 9 children
    Etta Marie (Shoemaker) Harper: Wife of Earnest James Harper
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