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Harper Children Links:

Irene: (b.6/25/29)
Doris: (b.1/1/32)
Mary: (b.3/24/34)
Ruth : (b.10/2/38)
Claude: (b.1/27/41)
Roy: (b.1/13/43)
Betty: (b.4/23/36)
Judy: (b.1/4/48)
Etta Marie (Shoemaker) Harper:
Earnest James Harper:
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The Harper Family Children

This information was taken from my copy of the HARPER Family Tree reunion booklet, held in Marysville, Indiana on 6/27/92.

the 6th daughter, 8th child of 9 born to
EARNEST JAMES HARPER (b.9/29/1903 d.5/29/1980)
ETTA MARIE SHOEMAKER (b.9/22/1909 .9/13/2001)

BONNIE HARPER (b.9/29/45)

Married: FOUCH (b. )
Remarried: Mike HUTCHINS (b.3/3/54)

  • Jeffrey Lee FOUCH (b.6/10/65) Married: 1X-Lynn PACEY*; 2X-Erin (b.4/3/64)
    • Brandon Fouch (b.1/6/85)
    • Bonnie Nicole Fouch* (b.7/25/86) raised & lives w/mother, Lynn Pacey Harper and husband, Mike
    • Sarah Fouch (b.10/13/89)
    • Stephanie Fouch (b.7/9/91)
  • Tim FOUCH (b.3/15/68)
    • Ryan Rouch (b.5/87)
  • Chris FOUCH (b.3/15/71)
  • Brian FOUCH (b.10/6/76)
  • Kim FOUCH (b.6/15/78)
  • Jennifer HUTCHINS (b.10/3/81)

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