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[from "The Erie Dispatch" c.3/22/1947 and "Erie Dispatch-Herald"]
ANDERSON, Carl O.; 84 (d.02/01/1947)
ANDERSON, Amos Reed; 55 (d.02/01/1947) b/o Mrs. Ted Anger and Fred Anderson
ARO, Peter
BACON, Welsey C; 43 (d.03/19/1947) h/o Doraothy Nobbs Bacon
BALDWIN, Mrs. May C. widow/o late Byron B. Baldwin; d/o Hazel Hall
DEUTSCH, Frank; 68 (d.03/20/1947) h/o Anna Smith Deutsch; f/o Mrs. Albert Filegar, Mrs. Arthur Erart, Mrs. Jack Merret, Michael, Charles, Lee Deutsch and John Hoenes
FENELL, Evelyn Ann (d. 03/22/1946) "In Momoriam" s/o Rose, Marie, Mrs. Martion Sider, Mrs. Arlene Aldridge and Raymond Fenell. GALUSHA, Edna E. (d.02/02/1947) m/o Ernest C. Galusha
GERHART, Floyd A.; 54 (d.02/02/1947) h/o Marie Nyberg Gerhart and f/o Mrs. Elanor Ellis, Mrs. Edna Moss and Mrs. Dorthy Jane Gathers
GORNY, Margaret
HILL, Omar C.
HUDSCON, Carrie E. (d.03/19/1947) widow/o late Charles Hudson
JACKSON, Vernie A.; 86 (d.02/02/1947) widow/o James P. Jackson
LEACH, James J.; 50 (d.02/03/1947) h/o Marie Gruelich Leach, f/o Marilyn, Sue and Joan Leach; b/o Robert, George J., Mrs. James Rosebury, Mrs. E. L. Burns, Mrs. Chas. McCarty and Mrs. Chas. Ahearn
LEWIS, Bertha V.; 85 (d.02/03/1947) MARCZEK, Jeroslaw
PETERS, Dr., Charles O. (d.02/01/1947)
PETRI, Louis E., Sr.; 83 (d.03/20/1947) RICHARDS, Jennie E. (d.02/03/1947) m/o Mrs. Jessie Mountain ROBINSON, Margaret N. (d.03/20/1947) w/o Clifford E. Robinson
SHELDON, Mrs. Veva V.(d.03/20/1947) m/o Dr. Ralph V. Sheldon
STITT, James B. (d.03/21/1947) h/o Lavena M. Carner; f/o Billy Stitt
SUTTER, Edward Ardell (R.F.D.2); 25 (d.02/03/1947) s/o Mrs. Gertude Gerow Sutter
WAIDLEY, Grace M. (03/20/1947) widow/o late John W. Waidley
WHEELER, Rudolph G. (d.03/02/1945) "In Memoriam" b/o Mr./Mrs. Claude Wheeler and Mrs. Chester Owen
WILLIAMS, Julia Ann (d.02/02/1947) m/o Thelma P. Childs
YOUNG, Mrs. Catherine Sullivan Young; 72 (d.03/21/1947) widow/o late Robert W. Young; m/o Mrs. Sarah Witte, Miss Kathryn Yound, Mrs. Raymon Kane, Robert S., Daniel C., William P., and John L. Young
ZILLIOX, Sister Mary Dolorosa; 80 (d.02/04/1947) of St. Benedict's Convent

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"Erie Dispatch-Herald"

Tuesday, February 4, 1947
Erie, PA

This information was taken directly from the actual newspaper shown


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