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The Moral War on President Tyler; Veto; Whigs Quarrel with the President
Arrival of the Acadia at Boston.
U.S. Circuit Court: Nautical Robbery; Mutiny
Hearld Marine News: Cleared; Arrived; Naval; U.S. Ports
Editorials (various)
London news of July 19, 1841 (The Queen, The Court, &e.; Prince Albert; Marriage of Sir Robert Peel's Daughter)
West India Mail Steamers
Literature; performing arts
Relations with England
France (Quarrel Between France and Texas; The Bonapartes; Fortifiations of Paris)
News from: Spain; Portugal; Italy; Austria; Prussia; Turkey; Egypt
Money Market; Sales at the Stock Exchange; State of Trade (various countries)
Latest from China Direct--Highly Interesting Intelligence--State of the War.


CUMMINGS, Elizabeth J., 34, w/o John
KIRKPATRICK, Isabelia, 50
HASKIN, Benamin F., 74
BOOKOUT, Anna,80
HUGHES, SR., Michael, 68, Gowannus, Long Island
PHILLIPS, Mrs. Elizabeth, 52, relict of John
MACARTNY, Mrs. Margaret, 33, relict of William
ROUNDEY, Harriet, 10/12, d/o John W. and Adeline S.
STURGES, JR., George, 1, s/o George W. and Sarah B.
HOOPER, Lucy, 23, Booklyn
SIMMONS, A. H., at Cincinnati, OH (formerly of NYC)
DALL, Christopher H, 52, Wilmington, NC (former builder)
PINKERTON, James, s/o George Pinerton of Glasgow, and b/o Mark Pinkerton of firm, Pinkerton & Hart
TALBOT, Margaret, w/o James (formerly of Halifax)
SMITH, Elizabeth C., 15mos, d/o Joe and Charlotte
DOTY, Sarah Augusta, 20, d/o Lewis Doty, Esq.
NOYES, Alfred C., 11mos, s/o William Chesebrough Noyes
BAYLEY, Elizabeth, widow of Joseph Bayley, MD.
PLUME, Isaac A., 29
MORGAN, MD, Mordecai, 51, Navy Yard, Pensacola. Fleet Surgeon of West India Squadron.
BALDWIN, Mary Louise, Norwalk, CT, w/o Samuel of firm G.R.Downin & Baldwin, Newark, NJ.
RICH, Marie M. 64, w/o James A.


New York, Saturday, August 7, 1841. Vol.V.---No.46. Whole No.243.

(Taken from the actual newspaper)


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