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Meadville (Pennsylvania)
Printed by Thomas Atkinson.
Wednesday, December 23, 1812.
Two Dollars Per Annum.
Vol.VII.] [No. 360.
Whole No.243.

(Taken from the actual newspaper)

This newspaper c.1812 consists of one whole sheet of parched paper measuring 17.5"Hx 22"W. It is folded once on the width, and again on the height, for the reader. There are no signs that the paper was "rolled" and tossed to the reader. The paper has texture and smells like the old No.2 wood school pencils. The edges of the paper are frayed but sturdy. The thickness of the paper is that of an old brown paper grocery sack.
The possible, previous owner (in c.1812) used a quill pen to make a handwritten to note to him/herself. At the top of this newspaper, above the top and to the left of the headlines, the note references two articles found in this newspaper: "Governor Smyth's address" and "My Dog and my Shadow."


Stray Steer
Stray Filly
Fulling & Dying
Lot Lewis
News from Harrisburg: Regiment; U. S. Infantry reports.
Bill Introduced, Passed for Volunteer Militia in service of the United States.
Act for the Relief of the Militia and Volunteers in service of the United States.
Dreadful Gale
British and Indians forces in the town and vicinity of Erie.
News of Glorious Naval Victory, achieved by the "DECATUR".
Captain Skinner, crew and the ship "STARR", arrived in Lisbon in 48 days; Capital of Biscay, Alvava, north of Madrid, surrendered to the British on 9/27/1812.

no "OBITUARIES" were found in this newspaper

c. 1841
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